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Me and my sister went to the local fair today. It was being held out in the middle of a big field in the hot sun. People were perspiring, ice cream and lemonade were being sold, and a couple of firetrucks had to come for somebody at one point.

I bought a cute little coin purse for five dollars from a man selling woven and cloth bags. He seemed disappointed I wasn't buying anything more expensive, and was actually kind of rude about it. I also bought a couple of 12-dollar anime wallets, because they had my three favorite male Japanese anime characters on them: Toshiro and Ichigo from Bleach, and Gaara from Naruto. (Nah, I don't have a type. Not at all!) My sister bought some stuffed animals, one of a character from Pokemon.

We chanced upon a friend of ours there, and talked to her for a while. Then we went and got churros (two dollars apiece).

All in all, I spent 31 dollars. That was an unusually expensive venture for me. We were kind of on a budget, so we had to count things really carefully.

I had a lot of fun and funny moments with my sister, too.

"You're getting me on a sugar high!" she accused me once as she wolfed down her churro.

"Little did you know, grasshopper, that was my plan all along," I said in a wise voice. "I'm going to unleash you on the unsuspecting masses."

My sister began laughing hysterically as she bit into her churro.

"You just tore a piece of paper wrapping off with your teeth," I informed her.

Later on in the day, I taught her how to ignore passing salesmen. "Ignoring and hanging up on people brings me great joy in life," I told her. (This is true. I hang up on people all the time.) Then we passed a crying baby and my sister started mimicking it; we both laughed pretty hard and it was actually kind of rude. We were pretty shameless about it.

Another super fun day!


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