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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you a chance to as well. Here is the description:

The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the world’s largest humanitarian emergencies. More than 17 million people, including over 7 million innocent children, have been affected and rely on international aid to survive.

When I met my brave friend Muzoon, a 17-year-old Syrian refugee, she was living in a refugee camp in Jordan going from tent to tent encouraging girls to stay in school. While there, I saw firsthand how difficult it is to study or even attend school when there are few supplies, teachers, and little electricity.

This is why we are traveling together to the Syria Conference, where world leaders will come together to agree how much funding the world will give to education for Syrian children impacted by the conflict.

We will challenge governments to provide the money needed to guarantee an education for every Syrian child – so that they can continue to learn and build towards their hopes for the future.

The conference will take place on February 4th, so the time to act is now.

Join Muzoon and me in asking President Barack Obama and other world leaders to ensure that at least $1.4 billion dollars per year are dedicated to education for Syrian children.

$1.4 billion dollars may sound like a lot. But we did the math – it’s actually less than the cost of one World Cup stadium. In fact, it will only cost $1 per day, per child, to give every Syrian child a quality education and help ensure peace and a hopeful future. So this isn’t a question of money, it’s a question of will.

We all know how important and precious an education is to a child. As Muzoon says, “people fear that we will become a ‘lost generation’ but we are #notlost. We are the greatest hope for Syria's future and we must make sure the world invests in that hope through education.”

Please lend your voice to our call to fully fund education for Syrian children affected by conflict.

Thank you,

Malala Yousafzai & Muzoon Almellehan

Here is the link:
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you a chance to. Here's the description:

My grandmother, Elaine Danforth Harmon, was a trailblazer. During World War II, Gammy, as we called her, enlisted in the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). She was one of 1,102 women who risked their lives stateside ferrying planes, towing targets for gunnery training, and instructing male pilots. Sadly, thirty-eight of these women were killed during their service.

The WASP have been recognized as veterans by the Veterans’ Administration and were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by President Obama. Yet, despite their service, and ultimate sacrifice, the Department of the Army refuses to allow their ashes to be placed in Arlington National Cemetery like it does to their male equivalents.

Gammy was the most giving, selfless woman I have ever known. She hardly ever asked for anything, so when she did, my sisters and I paid attention. Her dying wish was to be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery with the WASP and she lobbied for decades to make this happen. In fact, when testifying before Congress in 1981, she said, “it is our understanding that we are eligible for military funerals. If there is any question about it, we would like to have this clarified.” She wouldn’t give up on this fight and so, neither will we. This is why your signature means so much to us.

Join me in asking Congress to provide the clarification our Gammy asked for all the way back in 1981 which would guarantee the WASP full military burial rights in Arlington National Cemetery.

Gammy saw Arlington as a museum for U.S. military history and we believe the WASP have earned their place among their fellow servicemen and women. And it’s not just us who think so. Representative Martha McSally (R-AZ), sponsored a bipartisan bill that would restore burial rights for the WASP at Arlington National Cemetery, stating, “These women fought, and died, in service to their country. They trained in the military style: sleeping on metal cots, marching, and living under military discipline. They deserve the full honors we give our war heroes …”

Being part of the WASP and her service to her country was Gammy’s lifelong passion. It was very near and dear to her heart because she would do anything for her country, including risk her life, as she did while in service. By signing my petition, you’re not just helping us fulfill our promise to our Gammy, you’re also bringing justice and honor to service women who deserve full burial rights at our nation’s place of honor.

Here is the link:
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you the chance to as well. Here is the petition description:

More than a year after police shot and killed my 12-year-old cousin Tamir Rice as he played in a park with a toy gun, a grand jury declined to charge the officers who opened fire on Tamir in less than 2 seconds of arriving to the scene.

My family is saddened and disappointed– but we are not surprised.

Since Tamir was killed, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty has been on the side of the police -- manipulating the grand-jury process so that they would vote against indicting the officers. We need the U.S. Department of Justice to step in to conduct a real investigation into the killing of a 12-year-old child.

Even though video shows police shooting Tamir immediately, Prosecutor McGinty hired so-called expert witnesses to tell the grand jury their conduct was reasonable and justified. It is unheard of, and highly improper, for a prosecutor to hire "experts" to try to exonerate the targets of a grand-jury investigation. These are the sort of "experts" we would expect the officer's criminal-defense attorney to hire — not the prosecutor.

He gave the officers special treatment which would never be given to non-police suspects.

The Department of Justice has launched independent investigations into police killings of civilians before. Last year, they launched one in response to the killing of John Crawford, who, like Tamir, had a toy gun in his hand while shopping at a Walmart when police rushed in and shot him to death. A petition helped make that investigation happen and that’s why I need your signature.

Please sign my petition asking the Department of Justice to launch a federal investigation into prosecutor McGinty's handling of the grand jury process; and for the killing of 12 year old Tamir Rice.

Here is the link:
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Just to be clear, I have not decided who I'm voting for yet. But I do agree with Bernie Sanders on this particular issue. Massive university costs is one of the biggest barriers to closing the gap between the rich and the poor.

I signed. Please sign if you agree:

Here's the description:

If you study hard, you should be able to go to college regardless of income.

As it stands today, higher education affordability is a giant barrier to growing a prosperous middle class. Massive student loan debt is not just a student’s problem, it’s an issue faced by families across the nation.

More than ever before, student loan debt is a multi-generational challenge within families. Parents still working to pay off their own existing student debt are struggling to save for the rising costs of their children’s college education. On its current course, the cost of higher education is a burden that will continue to impact our economy for generations to come.

Access to education shouldn’t be a luxury that only the upper class can afford. Stand with Bernie to support free access to public higher education.

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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you the chance to as well. Please sign if you agree. Here's the description:

Since birth, my sister has been both mentally and physically handicapped. Becky was born with Down syndrome. At the age of 15, she had two massive strokes, was diagnosed with a terminal illness called Moyamoya, and was placed in hospice. She needs to be fed, dressed, bathed, and taken to the bathroom. In short, she depends on us for everything.

However, under the current U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) guidelines, my husband, an active duty member of the Armed Forces, and I are unable to claim Becky as a secondary dependent, even though we are her legal guardians. To me, this is unfair and puts undue strain on a military family who should be concentrating on supporting their loved one off defending our nation.

Currently, service members may add parents, step-parents, legal guardians, incapacitated children over the age of 21 (whom you had custody/guardianship of when they became incapacitated, or prior to your enlistment), children and step-children. I am calling on the DOD to include incapacitated siblings in the list of those we can care for legally.

Our mother, who dedicated her life to caring for Becky, passed away from pancreatic cancer, and our adoptive father is not willing to care for her any longer. If we had not taken her, she would be in a nursing home. When we became Becky’s caregivers, I had to quit my job to be here for her, which reduced our income by a lot. As a family of 7 living off of one income and what little Becky draws from Social Security, we are struggling just to pay our bills.

Since we are unable to add her as a dependent, we cannot add her to our family insurance plan, forcing her to rely solely on Medicaid for her medical needs. It's not enough. She requires expensive specialists who are equipped to care for someone like her, and most of these specialist don't accept Medicaid.
Another issue we are running into is being able to enroll in the military's Exceptional Family Member Program. This program is designed to assist military families like mine with priority for housing, specific consideration regarding duty stations, 40 hours of respite care per month, and many other supportive services. Unfortunately, because we are unable to add Becky as a dependent, we cannot enroll in this program that was designed to help military families just like mine.

Our family is suffering because of an arbitrary clause that won’t allow us to to claim my sister as a dependent, even though she is clearly incapable of taking care of herself. We need your help to help the DOD realize that this is wrong, so they change their policy and finally provide some peace of mind for families like mine. Please sign my petition.

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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you the chance to as well:

This Iranian woman was a women's rights defender and activist. She was arrested and imprisoned for fighting for women's rights in Iran. She has served six years in prison.

She should have been released this summer according to Iranian law, but officials have elected to keep her imprisoned for at least another two years.

The woman -- Bahareh Hedayat -- has failing health (in the area of the kidney and reproductive organs) and is suffering major depression. She may not survive another two years in prison. This is completely ignoring the fact that she was unjustly imprisoned in the first place.

In recent weeks, Iran has been releasing many political prisoners, and Bahareh's husband is hopeful that with this petition his wife will be one of them. Please sign and support justice and women's rights in Iran.
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I signed this and thought I'd give you a chance to as well:

Liam is a kid with Down Syndrome, and as such has been ignored, withheld from regular classes, and shut away by his elementary school. Liam's parents took the school to court, and the judge mandated that Liam should be in proper classrooms just like everybody else. But the elementary school still won't change anything.

So this parent started a petition asking people to sign so Liam can receive a regular education just like any other kid.

I strongly support the integration of disabled children into regular classrooms. My sister has learning disabilities. When she was young, nobody thought she would ever be capable of anything intellectually. They wanted to put her in special ed day classes. My parents forced her school district to integrate her into regular classrooms with special accommodations. She is now at university in the process of obtaining a four-year degree. Never underestimate what one child can do if they put their mind to it.

Please support learning disabled integration into schools and sign this petition.
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Read this article:

Chris Mintz, an Army vet, was on campus during the Oregon school shooting. He was shot seven times trying to save other students from gunfire, and appears even to have charged the gunman and attempted to subdue him. He has been sent to the hospital in critical condition.

This petition asks President Obama to award the Medal of Freedom to Chris Mintz for his heroic acts. I signed and thought I'd give you the chance to as well:

Such brave acts deserve respect and reward.
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you the chance to:

Here's their summary:

Students all over this country have to fear that what happened at Umpqua Community College, and many other schools, could happen to them. The killing of ten students yesterday in Oregon is a stark reminder of this reality for all of us. That is why we must act.

As an organization of students who are incredibly saddened by what happened in Oregon, we think improving the background check system is simply common sense. While the national background check system has prevented millions of gun sales to prohibited purchasers, it has several flaws.

States do not have to submit information identifying people who would be ineligible to possess firearms, like those with a violent criminal record or mental illness, into the federal gun database and they have no incentive to do so.

This makes the information used by law enforcement during background checks incomplete.

We can fix this problem. Sen. Chuck Schumer has proposed legislation that would allow the Department of Justice to create rewards for states that submit these records into the background check system -- and penalties for those that do not -- with a particular focus on the records of people with mental illness.

From Charleston to Oregon, everyone is affected by these mass shootings. Whether you are black, white, Latino, Asian American, Indian American, the failure of Congress to pass legislation on simple gun control laws will eventually affect all of us. For some people, it already has. Every day, 88 Americans are killed with guns.

Let this be the last mass shooting where we say we could have done more.

Please sign our petition in support of Sen. Schumer's proposal that will fortify the national background check system so we can prevent more violence due to guns.
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Let's keep this short and simple. The Global Partnership for Education is having a meeting to decide whether to expand its goals to support funding for education for every girl through secondary school, as in the new United Nations Development Goals agreed upon by world leaders.

I think this is basically a no-brainer. More educated girls means a better world for everyone. That aside, when Malala Yousafzai asks you to sign a petition, you'd better shut up and listen. She's asking in her petition for us to sign to ask the GPE to expand their goals to include 12 years of education for every girl.

Here's the petition. I signed. Please sign if you agree:
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I signed this petition. Please sign if you agree:

This mother of a learning disabled child found that her daughter was being physically abused at school, and subjected to the general school curriculum, which she didn't understand. As a sibling of someone with a learning disorder, I find this appalling and unforgivable. Unfortunately, it happens all too often -- teachers don't know how to handle troubled students and are not willing to put in the time and care necessary to help them. Not all teachers are like this, but many are, and I've had personal experience with that. We just cannot trust these people to simply do what they are required to do.

Therefore, I support this mother's petition to put cameras in special education classrooms in Kentucky. It's high time this became a nation-wide policy.
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you a chance to as well:

Cecil the lion was a much beloved, human friendly African lion. An American trophy hunter who has a history of illegal hunting activity paid off Zimbabwe officials so he could lure Cecil off his national park territory with an animal carcass, shoot him with a bow and arrow, and then track him for two days only to kill him with a gun. The killers tried to destroy the GPS tag on Cecil, because they knew they were doing something wrong.

Cecil was a national park animal who had never harmed a human. There was literally no reason for his death.

This petition asks for full accountability and punishment for all those involved in Cecil's death. It also asks for greater protection for lions, eighty to ninety percent of whom we have lost in recent decades due to habitat loss, disease, trophy hunters, and exotic animal trade. This is the protection the petition asks for:

- Asking the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (because most exotic animal trophies end up in America) to put African lions on the endangered species list.

- Asking them to look into violations of the Lacey Act (which Cecil's killer may have violated).

- Asking for the Zimbabweans involved in Cecil's death to be punished appropriately.

If you agree with these strictures, please sign this petition.


Jul. 23rd, 2015 11:56 pm
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you the chance to:

If you haven't heard of the DARK Act, its title has actually been created by ordinary food consumers. They're calling it the Deny Americans the Right to Know Act.

It sets out a series of regulations on food labeling. While this may seem good on the surface, it also bans all states from requiring GMO labeling on their food. Just to be clear, this means that if it passes, power will be taken away from the states and companies will only be able to tell us that our food has been genetically modified when they feel like it.

Wherever you stand on GMOs, states should not be banned from requiring food labeling. I think we all can agree people at least have the right to know what's in their food, and individual states have a right to regulate their own food labeling.

Please speak out against the DARK Act. It passed the House. We need to make sure it doesn't pass the Senate.
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I signed this petition and thought I'd give you a chance to as well:

Sandra Bland is a 28-year-old Black woman who had recently moved to Texas from Chicago. She was a graduate about to start a brand-new job, and she was by all accounts excited, enthusiastic, and full of life. She was pulled over by local sheriffs for failing to signal before changing lanes, and was for some reason taken into police custody. (Apparently this is now an arrest-worthy offense.)

Locals were able to film a 2-minute video of Bland's arrest. She was lying face-down, with an officer's knees pressed into her back, her arms being pulled behind her. She was screaming and crying. She said her head was being slammed into the ground and she couldn't feel her arms; she was also having trouble hearing.

At about this point in the video, another police officer intimidates the local into stopping his filming. (This is against the law, I might add; US citizens have every right to film policemen on public property.)

A few days later, policemen found Bland dead in jail. They claim she was found hanged and that she committed suicide. Others fear her head injury caused brain hemorrhaging and killed her, but the local police have her body in their possession, so we can't tell for sure.

So what is this petition asking for? It's asking for The Department of Justice to conduct its own autopsy on Bland's body, outside of the local police's jurisdiction. Considering the suspicious circumstances of her death, this is only fair. If the autopsy is found to corroborate the police's story, that's fine. But we want to know for sure -- we want to know the truth.

Please sign this petition asking the Department of Justice to investigate this matter.

UPDATE: It's been revealed Sandra Bland was asked to exit her vehicle after being pulled over, but didn't on account of feeling threatened. The policeman was holding a stun gun and threatened to "light her up." This is shortly before the video in which Bland was being held facedown with her arms behind her back. The policeman was being threatening, intimidating, and needlessly violent. Yet another case of unconscious bias against Black people engendering a suspicious and vicious reaction.

UPDATE: The altercation between the policeman and Bland escalated because the policeman tried to force Bland to put out her cigarette in her own car. This story just gets weirder by the second.

UPDATE: Bland should not have been put in a segregated cell just for an altercation with a police officer. Additionally, if she indicated previous suicide attempts on her intake form, she should never have been left alone long enough to hang herself in the first place.

UPDATE: Bland said in a phone call one day after her jailing that she suffered from a broken arm or shoulder. She declined medical attention. Would she have had the strength to hang herself?

UPDATE: Bland had been arrested and jailed previously. This makes her statistically much less likely to have hung herself because of being jailed. Her arrest record also shows no previous resistance to police.
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I'm signing this petition and I thought I'd give you a chance to as well.

In Michigan, gas chambers are still used to euthanize shelter pets. These gas chambers are extremely inhumane. It can take the pet up to 30 minutes to die. This in comparison to the five seconds it usually takes for lethal injection.

This petition is very simple. It's not saying we shouldn't have animal shelters. It's not even saying we shouldn't euthanize shelter pets. It's just saying we shouldn't use the cruel method of gas chambers in order to do it.

Obviously, we would prefer it if there were no gas chambers anywhere, but Michigan is a good start to eliminating a horrible problem. Plenty of other states have already passed laws banning gas chambers for animals. It's time for Michigan to follow their lead.

Please take a stand with me against animal cruelty and sign this petition:
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I signed this petition and I think you should, too.

Jocelynn is a teenage girl with autism in New Jersey. With dreams of going to college, she has made her way into an accelerated math program, and has somehow managed to get a B+ in the class despite her school not offering her any assistance in the form of accommodations. This is well within the standard accepted for a student to be able to continue on to algebra.

But Jocelynn's school, for unexplained reasons, will not let her continue on to algebra. They say she does not meet "criteria", even though Jocelynn DOES fit the public criteria to attend an algebra class. If Jocelynn does not take algebra, her chances of getting into a good college are vastly diminished and her dream will be crushed.

This may all sound too horrific to be true, but I can assure you discrimination like this IS possible. My sister also grew up with learning disabilities, and she has a similar story wherein she made it into an advanced math class and the school and teacher refused to offer her any assistance. Stories like this are all too common. No one wants to deal with learning disabilities, especially teachers who are high and mighty enough to teach an advanced curriculum, and no one expects special ed students to succeed or excel.

Please take a stand and speak out against discrimination. Sign Jocelynn's petition and ask her school district to accept her hard-earned B+ and let her take algebra:


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